Zone Launches Decentralized PoS Payment Gateway

Set To Eliminate Failure Points, Chargebacks, and Chargeback Fraud

Zone, Africa’s fast-growing payment infrastructure company has announced the launch of its highly anticipated POS Payment Gateway product built on the latest version of its next-gen payment infrastructure that is powered by blockchain technology.

Zone is a decentralized network of Banks and Fintechs powered by blockchain and focused on enabling domestic and cross-border payments. Following the success of its ATM transaction processing service, the roll-out of its PoS payment gateway further fulfils the company’s promise of delivering reliable, frictionless and universally interoperable payments across multiple payment channels.

The introduction of Zone’s PoS Payment Gateway product brings a comprehensive payment processing solution to Banks and Fintechs that deploy PoS payment terminals. The product promises transaction reliability through direct routing of transactions to issuers, same-day settlement for beneficiaries and their financial institutions, and a robust framework eliminating chargebacks and chargeback fraud.  Key to note here is that Zone (as a CBN-licensed payment switch) is able to implement direct transaction routing to issuers without violating regulatory guidelines on inter-bank payments.

At the core of Zone’s PoS Payment Gateway is its regulated layer-1 blockchain network, which guarantees the security, reliability and transparency of every transaction. Zone’s superior architecture endows the PoS payment gateway with several key features:

  • Direct Card Routing: Zone connects acquirers directly to issuers through its decentralised payment switching network. This architecture optimises the PoS transaction route, and eliminates failure points thereby guaranteeing increased speed and reliability of each transaction for the benefit of merchants, agents and cardholders alike.
  • No Chargebacks: Zone’s advanced PoS payment gateway eliminates chargebacks and chargeback fraud on PoS terminals by auto-refunding customers for unsuccessful transactions and auto-declining fraudulent chargebacks in real-time — thereby building a foundation of trust and satisfaction among all parties involved.
  • Same-Day Settlements: Settlement of payments from PoS terminals using Zone is effected on the same day and separately for each transaction, ensuring faster availability of funds for both agents and merchants alike, and making it easy to determine when value has been received for every transaction.

“Today marks a pivotal moment not just for us at Zone, but also for the Financial Institutions we enable, and the esteemed customers they serve,” said Obi Emetarom, CEO and co-founder of Zone. “Our PoS Payment Gateway Product is a commitment to financial inclusion and to the digital future of all payments in Africa. With this new offering, we are excited to have taken yet another major step towards our vision for a world where individuals and businesses can make and receive instant payments to and from anyone in the world, through any payment method and in any currency.”

Zone’s PoS Payment Gateway emerges as a distinct solution that sets a new standard in the industry. While a few leading fintechs have made some strides towards improving the quality of service specifically for their own PoS terminals, Zone’s offering goes a step further by making such improvements and related advanced features, accessible to all financial service providers in the industry. This democratization of cutting-edge technology ensures that all institutions utilising Zone’s product for PoS-based transaction processing can now enjoy superior levels of transaction reliability, and operational efficiency while delivering delightful payment experiences to their own customers each and every time.

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