Insurance: A Fundamental Pillar of Our Economy- Leadway

Mr. Gboyega Lesi, the Managing Director of Leadway Assurance, has called on Nigerians to prioritise insurance for its indispensable role as a driver of economic growth and assurance of investment stability. 

Lesi made this position known while delivering a keynote address at a conference convened by the Risk Management Society of Nigeria (RIMSON), a foremost professional association dedicated to advancing risk management practices in Nigeria. At the conference, Lesi was also inducted as a Fellow of the prestigious body, RIMSON, in recognition of his stellar contributions to the insurance industry.

Speaking on the theme “Insurance as a Catalyst for Economic Growth”, Mr. Gboyega Lesi highlighted how insurance is crucial for managing and mitigating risks, fostering financial security, and bolstering economic expansion. “Insurance isn’t just about protecting lives and properties; it’s a fundamental pillar of our economy,” Lesi said. “By enabling individuals and businesses to effectively navigate risks, insurance encourages investment, fuels entrepreneurship, and offers crucial financial security to people”, he added.

“A robust insurance sector creates an environment ripe for investment by mitigating risks for lenders, making them more inclined to extend loans to businesses and individuals for asset acquisition and growth.” Mr. Lesi further elaborated on insurance’s critical role in promoting stability, resilience, capital mobilisation, investment attraction, and job creation. 

He concluded by reaffirming Leadway Assurance’s unwavering commitment to supporting this cornerstone of Nigeria’s economy, including the individuals, businesses, and corporations at the forefront of the advocacy. 

He also expressed the organisation’s dedication to supporting institutions like RIMSON, which are committed to enhancing financial security for all. “Through strategic partnerships with organisations like RIMSON, we aim to elevate insurance awareness and education, unlocking Nigeria’s full economic potential and fostering a brighter future for everyone,” he affirmed. This collaboration underscores Leadway Assurance’s passion as a market leader to propel economic advancement and development through innovative insurance solutions and strategic alliances.

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