Kuda Bank to Host Customer Service Session on Valentine's Day

In a bold move designed to take customer engagement to the next level, Kuda Microfinance Bank has announced plans to host a unique six-hour live customer service session on February 14, 2024 on its Instagram channel.

Tagged #KudaListens, the live session is designed to reinforce Kuda’s core values of love, accountability and transparency, educating customers about issue resolution. This initiative aims to demonstrate the bank’s commitment to prioritising customer feedback and resolving issues promptly.

Staff members from across Kuda will temporarily take on customer service roles to address the needs of customers on Valentine’s Day. During the live session, customers will have the opportunity to witness different department heads actively engaging with customers in real-time, underscoring the company’s dedication to ensuring that all hands are on deck to provide exceptional service.

“Our customers are at the heart of what we do here at Kuda,” said Head, Customer Experience, Elizabeth Ekanem. “We believe in the importance of listening to our customers and responding to their needs directly. This six-hour live session is a testament to our commitment to fostering open communication. It also gives us an opportunity to demonstrate our genuine love and care for our valued customers, educating them on our customer experience processes and how we are continually working to improve them,” she concluded.

The event is anticipated to not only facilitate meaningful interactions between customers and the bank’s staff but also showcase Kuda Microfinance Bank’s innovative approach to customer service.

According to the 2022 KPMG Nigeria Banking Industry Customer Experience Survey, 44% of customers maintain their current banking relationship mainly because of the quality of customer experience and digital services.

Kuda’s innovative approach to customer service through the live stream exemplifies the bank’s unwavering dedication to fostering meaningful connections with its clientele while demonstrating a commitment to excellence in service provision.

With the Valentine’s Day session set to showcase this innovative approach, Kuda reaffirms its position as a leader in customer-centric banking practices, poised to redefine industry standards and elevate the banking experience for all stakeholders.


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