Zarttech Unveils KOKO to Revolutionize Service Booking Platform

…An ultimate platform for all service needs

Zarttech, a technology consulting firm focused on social impact has launched KOKO, a revolutionary service booking platform designed to bridge the socio-economic gap in Nigeria. KOKO brings an unparalleled user experience, offering a diverse range of services to service providers and seekers who can effortlessly book appointments, all while exploring various vendor options.

KOKO redefines the service booking landscape by empowering customers to make, track, and manage appointments effortlessly. The platform enables direct communication with vendors, secure payment transactions, and the ability to provide reviews for services received.

The platform presents myriads of offerings for service seekers, including diverse vendor options, an interactive user interface, trustworthy transactions & secure connections, and personalised searches with inclusive filters for a personalised experience.

Service providers, on the other hand, can utilise KOKO to expand their business horizons by connecting with a diverse clientele. The platform offers streamlined banking infrastructure such as bank account opening, business management, secure and efficient financial transactions, seamless staff management, and data-driven insights for business growth.

Commenting on the importance of the platform, The Chief Executive Officer, Zarttech, Nelson Ajulo, stated, “Nigerians exhibit strong entrepreneurial spirit, yet their ventures often lack visibility. To address this gap, we are creating platforms that enhance visibility for small businesses to enable them to trade easily with each other, thereby stimulating the local economy. Zarttech is committed to leveraging technology to drive this visibility on a local and international level.

KOKO serves as an empowerment tool to service providers, and we are positive about its role in advancing the local economy in the near future.”

KOKO was launched as an integral component of Zarttech’s dedication to narrowing the socio-economic, gender, and technological disparities between Africa and the global community. The application was designed to bolster Nigerian businesses and facilitate service offerings, irrespective of the geographical zone.

The platform is set to transform the service booking landscape in Nigeria by providing an all-encompassing solution for users to explore, book, and oversee a diverse array of services. To explore the innovative features of KOKO, users can visit the product’s official website at



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