Leadway Pensure PFA Shines at the West Africa Innovation Awards

Leadway Pensure PFA, a leading pension fund administrator in Nigeria, and its Managing Director, Lanre Idris, have been recognised at the 2023 West Africa Innovation Awards as the “West Africa’s Pension and Lifestyle Company of the Year” and the “Best Pension and Finance CEO of the Year”, respectively. 


The West Africa Innovation Awards are renowned for honouring excellence and innovation across diverse industries, making these recognitions all the more prestigious. In addition to these accolades, Leadway Pensure was also honoured with the “Best Customer Care Award for 2023,” underscoring the company’s dedication to providing exceptional services with a focus on customer satisfaction.


Over the past two years, Lanre Idris has steered the company toward forward-thinking strategies, evolving disruptive innovations, fostering a customer-centric culture and achieving superior fund performance, distinguishing the organisation among its peers in the Nigerian pension space.


Speaking on the awards, Idris said, “I am thrilled and deeply honoured for these multiple recognitions, which validate our unmatched leadership, unwavering dedication to our enrolees, competence in delivering impressive returns on our funds and sustained market leadership in the Nigerian pension industry. These awards are a recognition of exceptional individual skills and a celebration of the collaborative spirit that defines the Leadway Pensure brand and its teams.


“These accolades motivate us to continue our journey of excellence, providing innovative and reliable pension solutions to our valued clients. Kudos to the entire Leadway Pensure family for their tenacity and valued contributions year in and year out. Together, we shall continue to redefine the standards within the finance and pension space.” Mr Idris concluded.

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