MTN Sim Lock and Reallocation Feature

 The interesting thing about the MTN sim lock and reallocation feature. Have you ever wondered how you can protect your SIM cards from scammers? Have you fallen victim to a phone theft? Do you know you can activate two-factor authentication on your SIM cards? 

With thefts and cyber fraud on the rise, it’s safe to be super cautious and vigilant. It goes beyond having passwords, fingerprints and codes; it is important to have a SIM lock feature. 

Well, the SIM lock feature enables you to protect your SIM cards from scammers. When you insert your SIM card into a new device or you power up your device, you’d be required to insert a four-digit pin. Without this pin, you would be unable to use the SIM card. This activation limits the number of people with access to your information and the likelihood of a cybercrime. 

How to set up the SIM lock feature on your MTN line; 

On the homepage of your Android device, click Settings and scroll down to Security

  • Click on Set up SIM Card LOCK
  • Click on the LOCK SIM Card
  • Insert the MTN default SIM Card PIN, ‘00000’
  • Tap on “CHANGE SIM Card PIN” to change the default pin to your unique 4-digit pin
  • Confirm your 4-digit unique pin
  • Power off and on to check if SIM PIN is activated 

On the homepage of your iOs device, navigate and click on Settings

  • Go to Mobile Data or Cellular
  • Click on SIM PIN and then Activate SIM PIN
  • Insert MTN default SIM Card PIN, 00000
  • Immediately, change your SIM PIN from the default to a unique 4-digit SIM PIN known to you ONLY.
  • Confirm your 4-digit unique pin
  • Power off and on to check if SIM PIN is activated

With the SIM card lock feature, unauthorized payments cannot be deducted from your bank account. The MTN SIM lock feature costs NGN 20 only, and if you mistakenly input a wrong PIN and your SIM is requesting for PUK, input the right PUK if you have it. Can’t find your PUK? Visit any MTN Store closest to you, call 180 or reach out through one of the customer support channels on social media (Facebook: @MTNLoaded, Twitter: @MTN180). For more information about MTN visit: www.mtn.com


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