World PR Day: Lagos NIPR Highlights PR'S Role in Driving Positive Change

The Lagos Chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) joins the global community in celebrating World PR Day. This year’s theme, “Harnessing the Power of Public Relations,” highlights public relations’ profound impact in shaping narratives, building relationships, and driving positive change across various sectors.

As we commemorate this special occasion, the Lagos Chapter of NIPR wishes to extend its warmest congratulations to all PR practitioners in the Centre of Excellence, Lagos State, for their invaluable contributions to the profession. PR Practitioners in Lagos, which accounts for over 60% of communication professionals in Nigeria, have played a crucial role in fostering effective communication between organizations and their stakeholders, promoting transparency, and upholding ethical standards.

Reflecting on the theme for this year’s World PR Day, the Chairman of the Lagos Chapter of NIPR, Mrs. Comfort Obot Nwankwo, expressed her thoughts on the power of PR. She stated, “Public Relations has the remarkable ability to transform how organizations are perceived, bridging gaps, and fostering trust. In this era of global uncertainty, harnessing the power of public relations becomes even more crucial. As practitioners, we must leverage the tools and strategies at our disposal to ensure our messages are impactful, authentic, and resonate with our target audiences.”

According to the statement issued by the Public Relations Executive (PRE) of the Chapter, Samuel O. Adeyemi, Mrs. Nwankwo noted that the Lagos Chapter of NIPR remains committed to enhancing the professional development of PR practitioners in the state. She encouraged members to continually refine their skills, adapt to emerging trends, and maintain the highest standards of professionalism.

According to her, “As we mark another milestone in the public relations industry, the Lagos Chapter of NIPR recognizes the dedication, creativity, and resilience of PR practitioners in Lagos. Your commitment to excellence continues to shape the narrative and drive positive change in our county.”

To celebrate World PR Day 2023, the Lagos Chapter of NIPR organized a series of events, including a special PR Clinic and a virtual Public Lecture to debunk the commonly held myths about the profession. For more information about NIPR Lagos Chapter visit:


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